One of the biggest headaches for tech innovation right now has to be the economic downturn.  Not just because their own jobs may be in danger but also because buying new luxury items really isn’t at the top of most people lists.  The gang at CES 2009 is soldiering on regardless, bringing all the newest toys, gadgets and tools to show off.  Many displays are toned down compared to last year; but there is still a wide variety to see.  Check out AnandTech’s highlights here.

“Coming into this year’s CES, we knew things would be different.

With many large companies having no presence on the show floor, and estimated attendance down, we expected a different feeling from the show. After attending press conferences from LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony, we can certainly confirm our thoughts. With the world’s economy in recession, CE companies have had to change their marketing approach from those flashy, obscenely large screens that nobody could afford (remember all those “World’s Largest TV” claims?). “

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