While perusing the always fun and impressive PC Perspective Forums, I found an interesting thread looking at some overclocking fun with the new Intel Core i7-920 processor. 

BlackDragon24 is the guy doing the overclocking – jump into the discussion and see whats going on and if maybe the Core i7-920 should be your next purchase. 

Some weekend Core i7 overclocking - Processors 2
Been tinkering around with this combo for the past week or so. So far it is quite evident that these 920 cpu’s hit a wall and hit it hard. I can run 19 x 200 at 1.28vcore and 1.33Vtt under load, but I cannot run 20 x 200 even with 1.4v under load. At 19 x 200, cores idle at around 38C and load near 70C. My memory is rated for 7-7-7-24 but I can only stabilize 8-7-7-24 for now. I’m not sure if this wall I’m hitting is the cpu or the board…anyways, some pretty impressive mem bandwidth.