Motherboard makers are in for a bit of a tough year, thanks to Intel and AMD moving the memory controller on die, and taking away the most individualistic component of most chipsets.  The plethora of models that most companies offered previously had varied controllers, or paths to the controllers; now it is solid state capacitors, 8-phase power and intricate cooling over the motherboard components that differentiate the various models.  A perfect example is the DFI X58 T3eH8 Ultra reviewed at Overclock3D, which straight out of the box offers very similar performance to any of the other X58 boards they compared it against.  On the other hand, take a look what happens when they start to overclock it.

“Being an Ultra, the T3eH8 is being touted as a flagship model with all the premium additions you would expect from a top end motherboard. On-board switches, a plethora of jumpers, Bernstein HD Audio, Volterra Digital PWM as well as support for CrossfireX and Tri SLI are just some of the massive array of features this board has to offer. Being an overclockers board it goes without saying that it should be well cooled. True to form, DFI have once again outdone themselves with some jaw dropping heatsinks ensuring the board is cooled sufficiently even under heavy overclocking conditions.”

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