The CoolIT Domino is a self contained CPU water cooling apparatus that can be had for under $100.  It sports an LCD displaying temperature and fan speed, it can be switched between three cooling modes and you can feel safe using it thanks to a very loud alarm which will sound if anything goes wrong.  The Guru of 3D was very impressed by the cooling power of the Domino, as well as by it’s low noise generation.  For the price of a high end air cooler, and with roughly the same install process, you can have the exceptional cababilities of water cooling.

“A single self contained water-cooling based unit, that is very easy to install, looks downright sexy and even performs quite adequate as well. It almost sounds to good to be true at 79 USD right ? CoolIT definitely achieved to pull this one off and recently placed this product into the market.

The CoolIT Domino A.L.C looks downright fantastic, it’s configurable, is long lasting, affordable and heck it performs pretty good as well. You know what? It’s going to be a hit for sure.”

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