The reason the Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro has a 14 in it’s name is thanks to the 140mm fan providing the airflow on this enormous heatsink.  The sheer size, 140mmx140mmx30mm may prevent it from working in some cases and it’s 800g weight will want a solid mount.  Join Overclockers Club in admiring the performance and the lack of noise from ThermalTake’s latest cooler.
“The Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro was able to do fairly well in comparison to the other coolers that I tested. It was able to beat out the Domino A.L.C. (Full), the Thermaltake SpinQ, and tie the OCZ Gladiator MAX. It was just a few degrees off from the best performers, such as the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, Titan CoolIdol, and the Cooler Master V8.”

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