Corsair was showing off a handful of new products in their suite during CES this week including some new DDR3 memory modules and a Pelletier memory cooler for the stupid-extreme overclocker.  The new DDR3 memory kit will sell as a triple-channel package for Core i7 systems and will be rated at 2000 MHz and a 7ns CAS latency.  You can expect them to be expensive and you expect them to be pretty rare – so rare in fact that Corsair will be selling these kits directly to the end user rather than through the Newegg’s and MicroCenter’s of the world.  There will be a slightly slower kit rated at 1866 MHz with the same CAS latency for those memories that Corsair screens a little bit lower than the 2000 MHz modules; these will be available at all your normal outlets.

The really interesting device Corsair showed off was the new Peltier cooling device that will work with all the second generation Dominator modules.  Essentially you remove the screws along the top of the module and attach the modules and heatsinks to the electrical device. The Peltier unit will then use the existing Dominator heatsinks to cool a larger heat block and will be able to attach to just about any water cooling setup.  Short video below!