Thermaltake is one of the few companies in the case/cooling/power industry for the PC that continues to try new things and innovate on a regular basis.  Even with a slightly smaller space at this year’s CES show it had a lot of products being shown off; some we have seen before, others we have not.  For example, while we wrote about the Xpressar refridgeration system during Computex in June, Thermaltake also had a new version that was more flexible and fit inside four (yes 4!) 5.25-in drive bays to work with a larger selection of system configurations.  Another new low cost chassis was the one of the first I have seen with integrated 2.5-in drive mounts for SSDs as they become more popular.

A new line of power supplies, the Toughpower XTs, that leave the fan on for a bit of time after the PC is turned off to keep high-wattage components safe as they cool down and some new CPUs heatsinks round out the mix.  Video below!