If you are a graphics professional, you have probably had your eyes on the Wacom Cintiq, and if you have just started in on the idea of tablets, you are more likely to be looking at the Graphire.  For those who have graduated from the Graphire, but aren’t ready to invest in a Cintiq, there is the Intuos.  MaximumCPU tried out the tablet, pen and mouse, so drop by for a look.

“Wacom is the single largest graphics editing tablet manufacturer, and is solely trusted by digital imaging professionals. Their latest offering in the Intuos line represents a balance between advanced tablet functionality and a reasonable price point. Their Bamboo products are targeted at an entry-level audience, picking up where the Graphire tablets left off. Between the Graphire and Cintiq (tablet integrated displays) categories lies the Intuos. The unit for review is a 6×8 inch model with the grip pen and mouse.”

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