As absolutely nerdy as this sounds, I actually WANT THIS in my next washer / dryer combo.  An enterprising hacker has taken an old wash machine and added twitter support – it actually will twitter when its done with a load of laundry so you can get off your lazy ass and move it to the dryer and continue on with your chores. 

There have been so many times that I have put clothes in the wash, been distracted working on the PC and not finished laundry that day that I would actually PAY for this TODAY.

Thanks to engadget
for the link!
We’re truthfully not sure what’s cooler: the fact that the above pictured washing machine tweets when it’s done, or the fact that the above pictured washing machine still works. We’re guessing that the geeks in the crowd would argue that it’s clearly the former, and for those interested in a little proof / explanation, you can head on past the break for a video demonstration. But just so you know, it’s highly unlikely that your Twittering washer will have any diehard followers.