The Guru of 3D has posted a preview of a card they are calling an HD4750, but is really a 40nm process RV740 card. It seems to be targeted to wipe out the lower priced competition, it will likely sell for around the $100 mark and thanks to the inclusion of GDDR5, the performance will rival the HD4850.  The smaller process should trim a bit off of the power requirements and possibly the heat, two key features for anything you wish to overclock.  Guru did use beta drivers and an early engineering sample board in this preview, but you should get a good idea what to expect from AMD’s low end GPU in the near future.

“ today has a special and exclusive preview read for you guys. It’s the worlds first article on a 40nm based graphics card, it embeds the RV740 ASIC and is due to be released in April. For the sake of it we’ll name this product the Radeon HD 4750, it comes with a 40nm core, 640 shader processors and pack GDDR5 memory.

So here’s the deal, performance wise the product is awfully close to the Radeon HD 4850, yet the trick is .. it’ll be so much cheaper. Have a look at this article, you’ll find only one review on this globe.”

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