If there weren’t enough choices for the lower end gamer who is looking to spend around $100 for a next generation GPU, if what VR-Zone heard is on the ball.  The 4750 will have 1GB GDDR3 and cost you roughly $99, the 4770 will sport 512MB of GDDR5 memory and run around $120.  While it is possible AMD is headed for king of the bottom of the market, but they certainly may be leaps and bounds beyond nVIDIA in HTPCs.  These new cards are 40nm proccess and will be the first to feature AMD’s new Triple-Phase power solution; they should be some of the lowest power cards available if AMD can do it right.

“VR-Zone learns that AMD is planning to launch two new mainstream cards based on 40nm RV740 in May, a month after releasing the high end 55nm RV790 cards. There will be two versions; Radeon HD 4770 (RV740XT) and Radeon HD 4750 (RV740PRO).”

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