Elite Bastards is still a little traumatized from the poor performance that the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude showed during their review back in 2007, but they overcame their anguish to review the Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 PCI Express card.  Auzentech has followed the lead of ASUS and C-Media as well as other sound card manufacturers, switching to high quality components along with the X-Fi APU and not simply trusting the quality of the X-Fi will make up for other poor components.  Drop by for a look at a reasonably price, high quality sound card.
“At first glance, the X-Fi Forte only has three outputs. On the far left we have a digital out, which will accept both full and mini TOSlink cables (the latter via a provided adapter). In the middle we have the card’s dedicated headphone output, provided via a normal 3.5mm jack. On the right however, we find a proprietary 15-pin connector (not a VGA connector despite its looks), which is where the “magic” starts…

Provided with the X-Fi Forte is a breakout cable which attaches to this 15-pin connector, giving you the usual wealth of analogue inputs and outputs, complete with support for up to 7.1 audio as well as microphone and line-in inputs, all via 3.5mm jacks.”

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