When you hear the words ‘Black Edition’, most immediately think of a multiplier unlocked AMD CPU, a very overclocker friendly chip.  Now XFX has co-opted the moniker for their new GTX 285, a seriously overclocked card; the core is bumped 46MHz to 648MHz, the shader clock up 180MHz to 1.476GHz and the memory is now 270MHz faster at 2.484GHz.  The card is currently for sale for $0.01 cheaper than $400, and from [H]ard|OCP’s testing it may not be the best choice for a devoted overclocker as they have seen other 285s go faster.  The benchmarks are still very impressive.

“The XFX ‘Black Edition’ GTX 285 is shipped with clock frequencies well above GTX 285 reference clocks. It is faster than anything XFX has previously produced and is poised to deliver an experience beyond what the GTX 280 could deliver. Does it have value, or is it just faster for the sake of being faster?”

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