The new Corsair 1866C8 TEC is a 3GB memory kit that ships with a TEC and compatible waterblock system, up to and including an external box with controllers.  Nordic Reviews tries three different timings in their quest to get these DIMMs to go as fast as they can, and even without relaxing the timings you can see a fairly nice increase in speed when overclocking.  Perhaps the biggest dissapointment is these DIMM’s ability to overclock without the peltier, the maximum speed they saw using the TEC was only marginally better than with air cooling.

“Normally you don’t even consider the heat coming from the memories. Some have more exclusive heatspreaders than others, some even come with a fan setup, but overall they tend to just work. But when you start packing high-density modules, raise the voltage and start overclocking the effect becomes noticeable. Like with most overclocking lower temperatures are preferred, thus Corsair’s Peltier cooling solution.”

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