With Corsair’s new Dominator GTs running at 2.0GHz, they are only 660MHz off of the default speed of a Core i7 720.  Though the multipliers are completely different; it is something to see the speed of RAM approaching the same speeds as modern processors.  These new Dominators will be be available only by ordering direct from Corsair, so hopefully these 2GHz @ 9-9-9-28 will have gone through even more rigorous testing than retail DIMMs.  HEXUS’s testing would verify that, they hit 2,100MHz @ 7-8-7-26 on 1T.

“Officially supporting DDR3-1,066 memory, Core i7’s memory-controller speed can be jolted up, via the motherboard’s BIOS, to support higher frequencies, and that’s why we see an abundance of DDR3-1,333+ memory available.

At the very high-end of the scale sits DDR3-2,000, for ultimate performance, and Corsair has now launched modules on its online site.

We were fortunate enough to snag a 6GB pack of DOMINATOR GT 2GHz, which represents the vanguard of things to come by providing extreme speeds and (relatively) low latencies to boot.”

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