When last we heard of Hercules, they were a partner of ATI, building their own take on the 9xxx series.  They’ve not gone out of business, they merely refocused on other components such as the audio subsystem.  Their Hercules XPS 2.1 50 speakers won’t compete with 7.1 systems, but as far as other 2.1 speaker kits go Hercules has done an incredible job.  The look is a far cry from the off white boxes that one would usually think of as a generic 2.1 kit and according to the Guru of 3D the sound is quite impressive for a small $60 speaker set.

“Today we will be looking at a new speaker system available from Hercules, yes yes .. once known for their Radeon based graphics cards. After they moved out of the GPU industry they refocused on audio related products amongst others. Does anyone remember the DJ Console for example ? In the lab we have the Hercules XPS 2.1 50. This system can be used with PC or Mac for MP3 players, CD Players, TV Set or a Game Console.”

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