Sapphire’s new 780G board is built to offer gamers a relatively inexpensive way to set up a gaming rig.  A Socket AM2+ board with Hybrid CrossFireX support and an AMD SB700, a built in ATI Radeon HD 3200, support for up to 16GB of dual channel DDR2-1066 and a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot give you a good opportunity to populate this board with some serious hardware.  Bjorn3D was quite impressed with the boards overclocking abilities, they hit a stable 245MHz bus speed, and figured a little more tweaking might have them all the way to 250.  Read on for the full review.

“As new technology is released, many users find that they do not need the high end machines to do what they need. These simple tasks of web surfing, and casual game playing. Sapphire fills this void with its entry level motherboard with integrated graphics, the 780G. With Radeon HD 3200 graphics onboard you can blaze through all of your casual games. This board is also designed smaller than many other boards. This smaller board is commonly called a mATX. The M standing for micro and ATX for the standard orientation of motherboards. You can be sure that this board will fit in any case, and is small enough to be used in a HTPC.

In fact with onboard graphics, that will take some load away from the CPU thus making your video run smoother, would be perfect for an HTPC. This also happens to be AMD’s newest socket, AM2. This socket includes a wide range of CPU’s from single core CPU’s, all the way up to quad cores. This means you can pick the CPU that best fits your budget. That doesn’t mean that Sapphire has left the gamers behind. They have included a PCIe slot to use the latest graphics cards, including the king of the hill, the HD 4870×2. Couple that with a Phenom and you’ve got yourself a extreme gaming rig. They have also included SB700 so you can achieve a better overclock with any CPU you decide to put in this motherboard.”

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