Paul Otellini took the stage at a recent conference to discuss how he sees the world and the electronics industry.  Perhaps one of the most interesting comments pertained to the Atom processor; saying “You’ll be underwhelmed” with the performance of netbooks using Windows 7.  He is not implying that the Atom is going to become useless; he is simply confident that while the netbook is useful in many circumstances, it will never replace desktops or full laptops.  Drop by The Inquirer for other interesting phrases, including his comparison of GPU powered PCs and eating yogurt with chopsticks.

“INTEL CHIEF Paul Otellini offered his two cents on the credit crunch, Atom, flash memory and the recent, ongoing fracas between Chipzilla and Nvidia, during a speech at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco.

Otellini explained that the grey clouds of economic doom had severely impacted chip inventories, noting it would be “hard to imagine that there’s a significant drop below this” and emphasising just how important it was for Intel to move to 32nm process technology.”

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