With Intel finally spilling the beans on Westbridge, the successor to the Core i7, Ryan has put together the slides and his thoughts on the release into a quick article on our front page.  Just as the current chips have the uncore, and directly handle the memory interface, Westmere also adds even more functionality directly to the CPU, takig away a lot of the functions of the northbridge.  We won’t see a complete dissapearance anytime soon but the integrated graphics controller certain speaks volumes about Intel’s plans for the future.

“This slide shows the design of the first 32nm Westmere product that uses two physical chips on a single substrate – the processor cores are built on the 32nm process technology while the graphics and memory controller are built on the current 45nm technology. While it might seem odd to see a mix of both 32nm and 45nm products on the same chip, we should note that the graphics chip is actually seeing a drop from 65nm to 45nm process.”

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