Sometimes it is important to show off a little, and a nice monitor and mouse only go so far if you are using a nasty off-white keyboard.  The Razer Lycosa Mirror will help solve that problem, it’s shiny finish and backlighting will look at home paired with any gaming mouse and widescreen LCD.  If you are the type that likes things to look good as well as sport a few extras drop by OCC for a look.

“This keyboard, like most other Razer products, is meant to be used by gamers and the company’s great experience in that market really shows. The Lycosa has a nice array of useful features that should be appreciated by this crowd. The first thing anyone opening this box will notice is the mirror-like, glossy look of both the keyboard’s casing and keys. The only downside is that it’s hard to keep it clean as the tiniest dust particle will be clearly visible. However, and surprisingly enough, fingerprints aren’t so much of an issue as they barely show up and a quick wipe using the supplied cloth will clean those few obvious marks in a second. While the sound ports aren’t a ground breaking feature, I can see them widely used by people whose sound system consist of a pair of headphones and a microphone.”

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