The MSI GX630 is a notebook aimed at gamers that costs under $1000.  It has 4GB DDR2-667, a 9600M GT and a 15.4″ TFT that can handle 1280×800, the big price break comes from the processor, an Athlon X2 QL-62 @ 2.0GHz.  By using AMD’s product, the premium you pay for a C2D and compatible chipset never enters into the price.  The testing done by The Tech Report bears out witness to the GX630’s viability as a gaming machine, assuming you are running it from a plug; otherwise you will be in for a very short gaming session.

“The gaming notebook market is filled with flashy, expensive systems that tend to offer poor value. However, MSI’s GX630 rings up at just $799 with a dual-core Athlon X2 and a GeForce 9600M GT. Could this be the ideal system for the mobile gamer on a budget?”

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