There is a blog at AMD and on this blog are some rather interesting topics, including the one posted today.  The section of the blog that the link comes from is AMD at Home, where a Senior Developer Relations Engineer named Jay Taylor covers topics of interest to the HTPC enthusiast.  The long list of online providers of TV shows, both old and new will grab anyones attention.  As long as you can stream video, you can be watching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning.

“For those that have been following my blog, you have heard me share thoughts on the value of the Home Theater PC and all the great things it can do. I have talked about the MSI 7411 platform (a.k.a. “Maui”) and the unique features it offers to this space. I have even dropped a few hints about all this wonderful content that exists online. But where do you find it?

Well, today I thought I would share info and links to some of the content that exists online. Some content is in high definition (HD) while some is standard definition (SD) and in many cases, you can find full length episodes of your favorite TV content. You can even find older syndicated shows that may not be available from broadcasters in your area or on any station today. Whether you are looking for reruns of Star Trek from the 1960’s, cop shows from the 1980’s (TJ Hooker anyone?) or (sticking with the William Shatner theme) the latest episode of Boston Legal, you can probably find just about all of it online.”

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