The new Kingston HyperX Triple Channel 6GB DDR3 kit runs with timings of 8-8-8-24 at 2GHz.  Bjorn3D tried a slew of different timings and speeds in order to see how the performance scales, and boy does it ever scale.  Sporting blue heat spreaders as tall as the DIMM it’s self, some motherboard layouts may prove problematic, but the performance will make this a very popular kit.  You can see their numbers, and new records here.

“Since the first kit of HyperX running at 2 GHz hit the market Kingston has been raising the bar and fielding kits of Core i7 capable low voltage RAM in every speed, variety, and latency. Now we present you Kingston’s crowning achievement, the 6 GB kit of HyperX DDR3 TC 2GHz low latency with the new T1 heat spreader, They’ve raised the bar again. We have to say, not only do we like the speed, but the heat spreader is just bling. Unlike a lot of bling, it’s highly functional bling.”

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