Unless you are from across the pond, this will probably be the first time you have heard of the company called XSPC.  They have made a solid name for themselves in Europe and are now selling products, like the Delta V3 CPU waterblock, in North America.  Bjorn3D tried this newcomer against Swiftech’s longstanding champion, the Apogee GTZ.  It would seem that XSPC deserves recognition from enthusiasts, though the company might want to consider adding some of the extras that it’s competition provides here.

“What we are going to be looking at today is the new Delta V3 CPU water block from a fairly new company to the USA enthusiast community, XSPC. These guys have been around for several years over in Europe and have been doing fairly well and have been improving their products every year. I’m really excited to give their new block a try and see just how well it stands up to the performance of my current favourite water block from Swiftech.”

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