Low latency, low voltage DDR3 is what Core i7 owners are looking for, and Kingston has delivered with their HyperX DDR3-1866 3GB kit.  At 1866MHz and 9-9-9-27, and keeping in the safe 1.65V, the kit’s specs match most gamers desires and with heatspreaders standing twice the height of a DIMM heat shouldn’t be a problem.  Unfortunately, once X-bit Labs tried to push the memory’s frequency it turns out that those extra tall heatspreaders only cause difficulty for large CPU heatsink users and really don’t seem to help the DIMMs noticeably.

“Gilded contacts, gigantic heat-spreaders and high frequencies at only 1.65V voltage! How big of a performance boost we get from using high-frequency memory with a CPU at nominal speeds and during overclocking? Read our review to find out!”

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