LeadTek’s WinFast GTX 285 runs at the reference clock speeds, 648MHz GPU and 1GB of 2484MHz GDDR3.  You can expect to see it sucking down about 380W under full load, and a temperature of 80C with the fan at 40%.  If you are OK with the extra noise it creates, cranking the fan up to full power will drop your temperatures to 67C, still fairly warm but certainly reasonable for the fastest single GPU card going.  You will need that extra cooling if you want to overclock the card as much as Bjorn3D did in their review.

“A new year can be exciting. It’s a time for renewal, and resolutions, and even some times it’s a time a new president. But this new year, it was also a time for gamers. At the Consumer Electronics Show this past January in Las Vegas, Nevada, a new video card was debuted, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 285. Built upon the GTX 200 series architecture, the GTX sports a smaller die process (shrunken from 65nm to 55nm) that lowers power consumption and lowers heat, but packs more performance than its predecessors. And though the GTX 285 is the younger sibling to the GTX 280 that was previously Nvidia’s top-of-line offering, the new GTX 285 is now definitely its big brother.

The GTX 280 has a little brother, in the GTX 260 with 216 stream processors, and LeadTek offered an overclocked version of that video card in the WinFast GTX 260 Extreme+. And though while technically not as fast as its big brother the GTX 280, the factory overclocked GTX 260 Extreme+ posted some impressive numbers, especially if it was coaxed into providing some extra speed with a little extra overclocking. Today we have the LeadTek GTX 285 video card to test and we’re going to see just what its capable of doing.”

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