HP has two notebook lines currently, both b & s, and InsideHW feels there is a world of difference between the two lines.  The 1630b is the model they reviewed, and the one that they prefer between the two models.  This particular Compaq sports 15.4 inch diagonal and 1280×800 with Intel’s X4500HD powering the display.  Inside is a C2D P8400 @ 2.26 GHz and 2GB of DDR2.  It certainly isn’t the lightest notebook around, but that also means it doesn’t carry a huge price tag for what you get.

“It seems that difference between “B” and “S” series of HP notebooks was never more distinctive then in recent period at least when it comes to quilt quality. HP Compaq 6735s didn’t impress us but HP 6730b is worthy to represent its famous manufacturer. Big difference between those two series can be noticed after first contact. Chassis of HP Compaq 6730b is very stiff and whole notebook looks like robust and reliable piece of hardware thanks to roll-cage that is reinforced by magnesium alloy.

This notebook is slightly squarishly shaped compared to “S” model but it suites it nice. Touchpad is shifted slightly to the left. Its precision is extraordinary and thanks to its slightly larger dimensions, vertical scroll area doesn’t diminish its usability. Touchpad buttons have “piano key” mechanism and because of that upper edge cannot be used. At first this was strange feeling but after few hours you will get used to that because buttons are precise and quiet. Between touchpad buttons is placed thumbnail reader as part of security accessory.”

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