Apogee is not a name that one would associate with RAM, unless said RAM was attached to a video or sound card.  That has not stopped them from producing a new line of DDR3, of which the Walton Chaintech Apogee GT 3x2GB DDR3 1866 kit has been tested at Overclockers Club.  The 8-8-8-24 timings are fairly tight for DDR3 at 1866MHz and can reach 1980MHz with too much fiddling, though the voltage does have to be raised fairly high.  Overclockers Club liked this new offering from Apogee, maybe we will see more from them in the future.

“The Apogee GT 3x2GB DDR3 1866MHz kit is awesome. Its stock settings are 1866MHz at 8-8 -8-24 timings. These are tight timings for such a speed. The design of the sticks is awesome. The fins at the top of each stick as well as the flashy pink stripes create a nice look. Furthermore, these fins definitely help keep the modules cool. During testing, even at overclocked frequencies and at 1.80V, the kit’s temperatures were well below the safe limit. Speaking of overclocking, I achieved 1980MHz on the memory, at main timings of 9-8-8-24. I was hoping for the 2000MHz step. I came so close!”

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