Owners of a Phenom 2 X3 processor with a motherboards that supports Advanced Clock configuration might want to check this little tip at Fudzilla.  It has been confirmed by motherboard manufacturers according to VR-Zone; by using ACC to trick the processor, you can indeed ‘unlock’ that fourth core and turn your X3 into an X4, if it came from the 0904 batch.  There is a risk in doing so, in many cases these chips were binned as X3 processors and not X4 because one of the four cores proved unstable in AMDs testing.  While some chips will be stable at speed, others may not work at full speed or could simply cause serious instability.  There is also no solid testing done to prove that enabling that fourth core will give you any real advantage.

“Guys tried this with Biostar’s TA790GX motherboard, but according to the post, the same thing can be done with any other 790GX + SB700 motherboard. According to the screenshots, all you have to do is to modify “Advanced Clock Calibration” to Auto and your tri-core should become a quad-core. Guys at Playwares.com tried it with AMD’s Phenom II X3 710 processors, that has for some weird reason became the AMD Phenom II X4 10 processor, at least according to BIOS post screen.”

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