You might be surprise just how much information piles up on your PC over time, from your browsing history and passwords straight through to credit card information for you online shoppers.  One of our members is constructing a series of articles to increase your knowledge of networking, and to help you protect your vital information.  Give the article a read and let Slayerhawk know what you think. A different member is working on completely modding a NZXT Chaos case, inside and out.  Any fans of H.R. Geiger’s work have to drop by and see the worklog; it could also work as a Chaos themed case. 

Allyn’s article on the performance degradation of Intel’s X25-M is continuing to draw a lot of attention, not only on Ryan and Leo’s TWiT show, but also in the forums.  If you have one of these drives you need to keep up with the work that is being done, if you haven’t bought one then you should still pay attention because the days of platter based storage are numbered.   You can learn more about that particular problem as well as a lot of other details about SSDs in our newest Podcast, as well as talk about the new CPUs.

Finally, our fine Folding folks have caught up to the BOINCers (who are always distributed ahead of the curve) and are giving away FREE stuff to PC Perspective members.  In order to qualify, you must pledge your PC’s soul to Folding@Home for all time, swearing an oath to take the Folding Frogs team to the top of the list.  It’s fun, it’s free and it is for a great cause.  (it’s also totally free!)