Legion Hardware wanted to see what effect the new processors have on the performance given by a GTX 295.  The list of processors tested is quite long, covering Core i7 and newer Core2 processors from Intel as well as a pair of Phenom II and original flavour Phenoms on AMD’s side.  The newer processors can certainly feed data at a pace the GTX 295 can appreciate, but it would seem that there is a limit to what even that mighty GPU can handle.

“However there are a few interesting things worth noting. First of all the Core 2 Duo processors continued to fair very well, and we did not see them being dominated by the quad- core parts as much as we had expected. Although there were a few games such as Far Cry 2 that really saw that Core 2 Quad and even Phenom II X4 processors really take charge, the Core 2 Duo’s did manage to hang in there and even win a few tests.”

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