The new Scythe Kama Angle looks a little like a large square cooler cut longways to make a hollow triangle or ‘L’ shape.  In this particular case the name Kama might refer to the flexibility that this shape gives the cooler, there are a lot of ways to fit it into a case with limited space.  Cooling is superior to a stock Intel heatsink and can handle some overclocking but it will not replace high end coolers that allow severe overclocking.  The 22dB generated by the fan running at full speed is a nice touch for the target market who do not wish to sacrifice peace and quiet for a few more MHz.  Check out Overclockers Club for pictures and a full review.

“The Scythe Kama Angle was quite an odd looking cooler, to say the least, but its “V” shaped design was a success. The performance is where it should be and definitely put a good fight against the large Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler. The cooler was also one of the quietest CPU coolers that I have come across. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as Scythe is known for its silent coolers. An impressive feature about this cooler is its flexibility”

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