If you have been putting off upgrading to a 22″ monitor because of price, the Samsung Syncmaster 2243BW might be right up your alley. There are a pair of drawbacks to this monitor, the viewing angle is very limited and the colour depth could be greater, neither of which will bother a gamer much.  On the plus side, the 5ms response time is fast enough to avoid ghosting, the monitor’s stand is adjustable and 1680×1050 is a respectable resolution for many gamers and anyone who uses their PC to do actual work.  PC Stats has all the information you need here.

“”Okay, so the 22″ widescreen Samsung Syncmaster 2243BW LCD display PCSTATS is testing in this review is oriented towards budget and gamer crowds – that much is clear. The Syncmaster 2243BW retails for the very affordable amount of $270 CDN, making it a tempting choice for a dual 22″ display set up.”

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