EVGA’s Classified X58 motherboard is still being kept in a secure location, which AnandTech managed to get admitted to.  When it is eventually released it will be EVGAs hard core gamer motherboard, with four x16 PCI Express slots as well as a single x1 slot.  Some of the features will be 10-phase Volterra CPU power, 3-phase memory power, and 3-phase VTT all of which will help those trying to hit huge overclocks with sub zero cooling.  AnandTech crossed the 5GHz mark while testing, as well as proving that the NF200 doesn’t limit this baords potential in their preveiw.

“EVGA’s Classified X58 motherboard has been a centerpiece of X58 discussions in various forums since the start of 2009. We managed to get an engineering sample board a few weeks ago and have some initial overclocking tests to show today. Let’s take a quick look at the current layout and features before we have a look at a few early benchmark runs.”

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