The new 800g Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer is a designed as a dual fan heatsink with black nickel plating and should run about $70 when it becomes available, plus the cost of fans as it ships without any.  The heat pipes are in direct contact with the CPU, which will add to the effectiveness of cooling in theory.  In testing, Tweaktown did find it to be a reasonably effective cooler, though performance will vary significantly depending on which fans you choose to attach to the cooler.  Take a look for yourself.
“Today’s sample is the Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer S126384, a variation on their four heat-pipe cooling solution. The Thor’s Hammer is a complete re-think of a bunch of the features of the previously released four-pipe coolers. Thor’s Hammer introduces dual layered heat-pipe cooling, as well as a unique take on the fin design. The dual layered heat-pipes consist of a total of seven pipes of two varying dimensions. The fins (or body) of Thor’s Hammer are black nickel coated and have an unusual stager and shape, both of which are to aid in airflow through the cooler which will reduce temperatures.

Thor’s Hammer made its debut during CES 2009 and everyone had gotten their hands all over that sample. Our preview, however, didn’t show what the cooler really has to offer. It was horribly tarnished from all the handling during the exhibition. That makes me really anxious to see what this cooler looks like fresh from the factory floor.”

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