The new 533 MHz FSB, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 330 that Ryan tested is rather interesting due to the fact that it is a dual-core processor.  He tested the Atom’s performance in an nVIDIA Ion motherboard, against the same Atom 330 with one core disabled as well as a VIA Nano L2100.  The scaling he saw in his testing was quite incredible, under certain tests that second core more than doubled the performance, with only one test suffering thanks to the storage subsystem.  Read on to see just how much power Intel can fit in the same size as a quarter.

“The performance results for the Atom 330 processor are actually very impressive – in a lot of our tests the scaling percentages from a single core to the dual-core CPU are approaching or over 100%! Of course, it helps with the applications we are benchmarking with are basically starved for processing power with any of derivative of the Atom or Nano processor so that every additional floating point operation available is quickly gobbled up.”

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