If you are looking for a way to hot swap SATA drives and provide both a cooling fan and a security lock, you could consider the Icy Dock MB671SK Internal SATA HDD Enclosure.  For under $50 you can pick up this internal enclosure that will handle terabyte drives and keep them nice and cool, with absolutely no read or write speed penalties.  If you are a swapper, or you would just like to be you should drop by Tweaknews and take a close look.

“I’ll be honest – I never knew how useful an internal enclosure could be until I tried out this offering from Icy Dock. The ability to swap out hard drives without opening the case is a huge convenience to users who store files that span multiple drives. There is no loss of performance to worry about either – testing showed that transferring files back and forth is just as quick as if the drive was hooked up directly to the motherboard.”

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