Most arguments that fans of Intel face come from AMD fanatics and deal with microprocessors.  There is one area in which all seem very quiet; which is chipsets.  Over the past decade we have seen the decline and disappearance of motherboards built on chipsets from ALI and SiS and the extinction of the KT series from VIA which was a popular choice for enthusiasts at one time.  AMD only supports AMD, and while the 780 series is powerful, it pales in comparison to the features on the high end 700i series and X58s.  bit-tech’s report that Intel feels they could re-negotiate with nVIDIA about licensing the integrated memory controller makes sense, as they now have nVIDIA in a position where they may no longer be able to produce new top end chipsets.  The only stick nVIDIA has is their SLI licensing; the carrot Intel carries represents the future of Intel compatible chipsets.  That leaves the enthusiast to the role of the ass that is being steered.

“Intel won’t rule out re-negotiation with Nvidia, Intel said this afternoon that if it was to win the suit it filed against Nvidia, it would consider re-negotiating the agreements it has with its rival.

“I wouldn’t rule out a re-negotiation if we win the suit,” said Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy in a telephone interview. “There are options available to us and re-negotiating the license is one of them.”

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