A company called Danger was picked up by Microsoft last year, sparking talk of a Zune phone and other speculations as people tried to figure out why Microsoft would purchase the company that made the Sidekick.  Now it seems that not only is Microsoft working on the Sidekick 2.0, it will utilize NetBSD an open source OS.  This move seems contrary to the basic philosophy that Microsoft has had since the inception of the OSS movement, though it certainly doesn’t preclude Microsoft from closing the phone once the code has been developed.  Follow this story at The Inquirer.

“THE WORDS ‘Danger’ and ‘Microsoft’ seem to fit together a lot better than ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Open Source’ but, believe it or not, the former seems to be causing the latter to occur.

Danger, a mobile software and services outfit snapped up by the Vole last year, is purportedly looking for NetBSD developers to work on its Sidekick mobile phone. NetBSD is an open sauce OS which works on a plethora of devices from computers to mobiles. Danger’s current OS and apps work with back-end servers to offer services like Internet access, Instant Messaging and games.”

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