The middle child always has it rough and the Corei7 family is no different.  Those who can afford it buy the 965, while every one else chooses the 920.  One member wonders why exactly it is that no one buys the 940.  Even if you know the answer it is worth a drop by to compare your clock speeds to others.  The faster CPU can help out when you are gaming, as it does take a lot to keep a GTX 295 fully fed, which is why a member is wondering just what effect a $1000 processor has on his frames per second

Over in the Linux forum someone is experimenting with alternative OSes, and has run into a few driver problems.  If you have a fear of this happening, which is preventing you from trying out Linux, maybe you should give this thread a good read throughThe Windows fellas are all still abuzz about Windows 7.

In The Lightning Round, the $825 billion bail out is the conversation of choice, with some rather insightful and incendiary comments to be found in this thread.  There is a bailout happening that everyone will love, thanks to Ryan.  Anyone who promises to participate in a BOINC project has a shot at their choice of free components.  There are a limited amount of motherboards, HDD and other goodies to go around, so get your picks in quickly.  If you are lucky enough to get one, it will be yours for free, shipping included.  Head over to this thread in the BOINC forum and put those spare CPU cycles to good use, even if you don’t get a free PC part.