Before you start off on Josh’s detailed review of the new Phenom II processors, consider the good side of this release; the 2.8GHz X3 720 BE should sell for a bit over $150, the 2.6GHz X4 810 (not unlocked BE) will be under $200.  That puts them in competition with the Intel E8500 and similarly priced chips, it is not a Corei7 killer, the cheapest Core i7 920 is still almost $300 and that doesn’t include the price of the motherboard.  Any AM3 chip will fit in any AM3 or AM2+ socket, making this an incredibly painless upgrade.  Now that you are armed with the knowledge of what AMD is intending for the Phenom II, head straight into Josh’s review to see the benchmarks.

“AMD is unveiling their AM3 platform today with the launch of the Phenom II X4 810 and the Phenom II X3 720. These sub $200 processors are paving the way for DDR-3 support with AMD processors. While their support for DDR-3 is nice, they still are compatible with AM2+ sockets and DDR-2 support. These two processors help to flesh out AMD’s offerings for the budget marketplace, and should allow AMD to transition that much faster to all 45 nm parts.”

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