Three popular PSU’s were recently reviewed on circuitREMIX, the Antec Signature 850W, the Cooler Master UCP 900W and Thermaltake’s Toughpower Cable Management 1000W.  All represent PSUs found in high end systems with multiple graphics cards, and the manufacturers are all considered to be at the top of their industry.  All of these PSUs passed the tests thrown at them, including a triple SLI configuration for the 1000W PSU.  Each seemed to come out ahead of the others in specific areas, so read on to see which was most efficient and which provided the most stable power.

“Antec, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake are well established brands in the computer power supply market. In this article, we’ll be examining some of their high end power supplies catering to users with multi-core and multiple GPUs. The participants include Antec’s Signature 850w, Cooler Master’s UCP 900w and Thermaltake’s Toughpower CM 1000w. They will be strapped to our new power supply test system and will be evaluated on efficiency, noise, ripple, and voltage regulation.”

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