While Gamepyre may not remember the name Jagged Alliance, the game had enough impact to give a sense of deja vu when confronted with Hired Guns – The Jagged Edge.  For those that are familiar with that ageing series and the successful mods like Urban Chaos, Hired Guns offers an end to a very long wait for Strategy First to work on Jagged Alliance 3.  If you have no idea what these games are, you may not be a fan of turn based tactical squad combat and are probably happy to see Fallout turn into an FPS.  On the other hand, if you enjoy micromanaging a squad or sqauds into taking and holding large peices of territory, you should check out the review and see if it interests you.

“If you can stay patient and accept the fact that this is a very slow moving game then the game’s potential can truly be appreciated. This game is full of strategy. From the weapons you decide to use to the location selection for deployment to basic decisions like when to kneel or when to go prone to shooting or even bribing your way out of a fight, Hired Guns – The Jagged Edge is a very well made game but the fact that it is such a slow moving game might deter a lot of people from enjoying it. It is also a very difficult game. But if you’re a patient person and love a challenge then this game is a must get.”

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