Until you actually look inside the Silverstone Raven, it looks like a normal case with some nice detailing on it and an interestingly placed power and reset button.  When you see a motherboard installed you realize there is more to this case than is obvious at first glance; the motherboard is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  This places your expansion cards at the very top of the case, very handy for graphics cards with an air outlet, as the hot air is headed up and away from the case from the get go.  The PSU is placed in the bottom, along with the intake fans, the exhaust is at the top, paired with the expansion cards.  It isn’t for sale yet, but you can get a preview at AnandTech.

“Silverstone has had some interesting innovations for its customers, for example the FT01 designed for optimal cooling using positive air pressure. Today we are looking at another new cooling concept from Silverstone. Just as positive air pressure is nothing revolutionary — search through any tech forums and you’re likely to see some discussions about the topic — the new concept with this case is that Silverstone change the direction the motherboard faces. Instead of having the I/O ports on the back, they will now be at the top of the case. If that immediately makes you worry about wires cluttering things up, don’t: Silverstone has a cover to help keep the look clean.”

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