Bigfoot Networks was big news about a year ago with the release of their 2 Killer NIC cards, designed to provide superior online gaming by eliminating lag, as well as some other specific settings and options.  While there was at least some benefit to using the cards, it was hard to justify spending $150 or so to see a tiny improvement to the NIC built into your motherboard.  They have been busy, trying to get their cards into boutique system builds, like Alienware, but we haven’t seen anything new from them.  The Tech Report caught up with CEO Michael Howse to see what Bigfoot’s plans for the coming year are.

“What’s happened to Bigfoot Networks since it introduced its first two Killer NIC gaming network cards? Has the company faded into obscurity? In our interview with Bigfoot’s new CEO, we found out that the firm is very much alive, buoyed by strong relationships with gaming PC vendors. Bigfoot is also on the verge of launching a cheaper, second-generation Killer NIC, and it’s mulling future deals with motherboard manufacturers.”

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