You can always get more functionality or storage by adding external devices, but an external graphics processor is a fairly unique item.  The Amilo SA3650 Laptop with XGP Graphic Booster is a joint project between Fujitsu Siemens and AMD, a laptop with an external Radeon HD 3870 that still manages to run as a PCIe 8x card.  Using the external box will give you good gaming performance and the ability to push out 1080p to multiple monitors; pretty impressive for a small laptop.  Guru of 3D did have some suggestions, as well as a bit of good news at the end of the article, which you can find here.

“Today a quickie ‘hands-on’ review of the Amilo SA3650 laptop with Graphics Booster. A common problem with a laptop is that they are not really designed for gaming aren’t they ? And sure there are some solutions out there with a more mainstream embedded GPU, yet often that is completely unaffordable, let alone upgradeable.

With the help of AMD XGP it is now possible to connect an ‘external’ graphics card, next to the laptop. Therefore a small insight into the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo SA3650 Laptop with XGP Graphic Booster.”

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