You can currently pick up ASRock’s new X58 based SuperComputer motherboard on NewEgg for $294.99, making it the cheapest way to build a Core i7 system using the X58 chipset*.  On paper, the motherboard looks like any other X58 board, it can handle four PCIe cards in CrossfireX or HybridSLI, it has 7.1 audio outputs, handles DDR3 up to 2000 MHz, dual LAN ports with teaming and it can even support ECC RAM in conjunction with a Xeon processor.  TweakTown’s testing shows this board can also keep up with the big names in X58 boards, even surpassing them in some cases.  One possible reason for that may be evidenced in the power usage and heat generated, which you will find near the end of the review.

*Eagle eyed readers have checked a bit more thoroughly than I; the ASUS P6T, the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R and the MSI X58 Pro are all cheaper alternatives, the latter two being under $200.  That Core i7 system may be easier to get than you thought!
“ASRock has been known to us here at TweakTown as producing a more rounded board aimed at the mainstream and value end of the spectrum. Never would we consider putting this motherboard maker into the hardcore and overclocking segments that ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE has managed to push into, yet ASRock for all their trying are aiming for the top. And why not!

Today’s motherboard market is cut throat. To survive you need to either have a unique product or to produce a mainstream product at the cheapest price. ASRock hasn’t produced anything unique, but they are able to keep prices down. The ASRock X58 SuperComputer aimed towards the mainstream and extreme users comes to us at a price of $294.99 USD from Newegg and at this price it’s one of the cheapest X58 boards out there. But how does it perform compared to the likes of ASUS and MSI? – Let’s find out.”

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