Thinking big for your next install?  Maybe a dozen mixed drives or so, an enormous heatsink and a couple of pairs of graphics cards?  The NZXT Zero 2 has the space for all of that and the 10 fans that can be installed should keep the temperatures reasonable.  Perhaps one of the nicest features on the case are the holes drilled through the casing that are perfectly aligned with the screw holes for expansion cards, which makes attaching them almost as easy as in a screwless case.  BCC Hardware is ready to take you on a tour of the case as soon as you drop by.

“Sequels seem to be the trend in today’s movies and games, so not to stray away from regularity today we are going to look at yet another sequel case from NZXT, the Zero 2. This case claims to give an advantage to cooling enthusiasts. More specifications below and then we will get down to business.”

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