The ASUS Eee Top is a full PC hidden in a touch screen monitor, weighing in at less than 10lbs and with a carrying handle for easy portability.  There is a drawback that Legit Reviews pointed out which becomes evident for anyone planning on treating the display as a notebook, the lack of a battery means you need to shut down the system if you want to move it to a new room.  If that doesn’t turn you off immediately, you will be interested to know that this 15.6″ LCD hides an Intel Atom N270 @ 1.60GHz and 1GB of DDR2 and uses the Intel GMA 950 chipset to provide graphics.

“The ASUS Eee Top was designed with usefulness and convenience in mind. It is an excellent solution for networking, as an educational tool in small meetings or classrooms, leaving memos without the paper waste, or even for using at home for something as simple as looking up recipes online without taking up hardly any counter space!…”

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