Okay, so we were exactly two months early on the news, but just about everything I predicted would happen for the Mac line in 2009 basically came true today.

New iMacs were released in 20-inch and 24-inch varieties that both utilize the GeForce 9400M mobility chipset as their base, have Intel Core 2 processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics as well – though now the GPUs have been renamed from the 9600-series to the GT 100 series just like our recently reviewed GTS 250 retail card.

The Mac Mini was also updated as I predicted with a faster Core 2 processor and the GeForce 9400M chipset.

I also correctly predicted the updated Core i7-based Mac Pro update that no one else seemed to see coming…

The only thing missing really is the 28″ iMac that I still think is on the way.  But it’s nice to be vindicated.  😉